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Representative office spaces in MICRO-CITY

Previous offerNext offer
Konrad-Zuse-Str. 1, 85716 Unterschleißheim (Unterschleißheim)
Total area 
39.330 sqm, 6.485 sqm available of the total area 
Partitionable starting at 
599 sqm 
Rental price 
13,00 €/sqm 
Service charges 
3,20 €/sqm 
Rent per parking space 
On request 
Free of commission 
SIH 4072
Year of construction 
Quality of property 
Like new 
Green Building 
To be agreed 
Calculation of space 
Gross floor space 
Floor partitioning according to tenant's requirements 
Raised floor
Cooling / air cond. system: Ceilings with integrated cooling / cooling panels
Lighting: Direct / indirect suspended lamps
Roof terrace / balcony


Unit/Storey Hs M Hs J Hs H Hs G Hs E/F rechts Total
EG709 sqm
13,00 €/sqm
709 sqm
1. OG709 sqm
13,00 €/sqm
780 sqm
13,00 €/sqm
1.489 sqm
2. OG709 sqm
13,00 €/sqm
599 sqm
13,00 €/sqm
850 sqm
13,00 €/sqm
2.158 sqm
3. OG709 sqm
13,00 €/sqm
710 sqm
13,00 €/sqm
710 sqm
13,00 €/sqm
2.129 sqm
Total2.836 sqm599 sqm710 sqm710 sqm1.630 sqm 6.485 sqm




The commercial property has an aluminum-glass facade and offers a park-like campus atmosphere. It was built in 2000 and consists of 14 components. Each component is accessed with a separate stairwell and elevator system. There are many green courtyards and retreat areas.

The former Microsoft headquarters in Unterschleißheim impresses as a multi-tenant office complex "Microcity" in particular with the wide range of offers for employees such as a fitness studio, canteen, cafeteria and laundry service. The spaces offered are divided and equipped by agreement. The underground car park offers sufficient parking spaces, outside there are additional parking spaces with short-term parking zones.

Energy certificate

Issue date:
Valid until:
Heating / firing:
Long-distance heating/Long-distance heating
Certificate type:
Energy consumption
Heat consumption p.a.:
138 kWh/sqm
Current consumption p.a.:
195 kWh/sqm

Access and infrastructure

Lohhof (S1) 
0.4 km 
Garching-Hochbrück (U6) 
7.3 km 
Lohhof (B693, B215) 
0.4 km 
Grocery store 
0.5 km 
Cafés and restaurants 
0.1 km 
Motorway access 
3 minutes 




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You can change this under privacy settings.

Consulting and appointments

Do you wish to receive a detailed exposé? Do you have any questions? Feel free to call us:

Georg Schmidt, Phone: +49 (0)89 51777070


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