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Attractive office building directly at U-Station - Free of commission

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Moosacher Straße 70-74, 80809 München (Moosach)
Total area 
19.241 sqm, 19.241 sqm available of the total area 
Partitionable starting at 
506 sqm 
Rental price 
20,25 - 25,75 €/sqm 
Service charges 
3,00 €/sqm 
Rent per parking space 
125,00 € 
Free of commission 
SIH 5237
Year of construction 
Quality of property 
First occupancy 
Green Building 
To be agreed 
Calculation of space 
Gross floor space 
Floor partitioning according to tenant's requirements 
Raised floor
Cooling / air cond. system:Heating and cooling ceiling
Lighting:Direct / indirect suspended lamps
Roof terrace / balcony


Unit/Storey MB A MB B MB C MB D MB E MB F Total
EG616 sqm
20,25 €/sqm
787 sqm
20,50 €/sqm
1.403 sqm
1. OG717 sqm
22,00 €/sqm
635 sqm
22,25 €/sqm
592 sqm
21,50 €/sqm
765 sqm
21,50 €/sqm
850 sqm
21,50 €/sqm
506 sqm
21,50 €/sqm
4.065 sqm
2. OG580 sqm
24,25 €/sqm
1.012 sqm
23,50 €/sqm
744 sqm
22,25 €/sqm
1.018 sqm
23,75 €/sqm
581 sqm
23,50 €/sqm
3.935 sqm
3. OG551 sqm
24,00 €/sqm
958 sqm
23,75 €/sqm
758 sqm
22,75 €/sqm
961 sqm
23,25 €/sqm
547 sqm
23,50 €/sqm
3.775 sqm
4. OG554 sqm
24,50 €/sqm
959 sqm
24,25 €/sqm
680 sqm
23,25 €/sqm
1.312 sqm
24,75 €/sqm
3.505 sqm
5. OG1.242 sqm
25,75 €/sqm
1.316 sqm
25,25 €/sqm
2.558 sqm
Total2.402 sqm4.806 sqm4.706 sqm4.056 sqm2.765 sqm506 sqm 19.241 sqm




The prestigious office building MOANDER has 2 main entrances with foyers on the west and east facades. It consists of 2 construction phases, which are connected by a main road. It consists of 2 construction phases (BA 1 MB C-F, BA 2 MB A and B), which are connected by a main road. The 1st construction phase will be completed in 2022, the 2nd construction phase in 2024.

The rental units can be divided flexibly. The equipment leaves nothing to be desired: heating and cooling takes place via acoustically effective heating and cooling sails including round lights, the cooling/heating control by the tenant can be controlled in individual rooms, the mechanical air exchange rate is 2x in offices and 5x in meeting rooms. Cooling and heating is CO2-neutral and ecologically harmless using groundwater wells and efficient heat pump systems. A new communication culture needs space for knowledge transfer, Team spirit and high performance. In addition to classic office space, experts therefore recommend so-called dynamic spaces, which can be adapted to new situations with the floor plan, technology and furniture.

There are 158 parking spaces in the underground car park, 30% of which are e-loadable and 112 bicycle parking spaces in 2 bicycle lofts on the ground floor with direct access from the street, some e-loadable, with changing rooms, showers and toilets. In the high-quality staff restaurant, breaks become a pleasure. 18 roof terraces and patios invite employees and customers to relaxed conversations.

Energy certificate

Certificate type:
not available yet
Shall be submitted by the owner at appointment.

Access and infrastructure

Moosach (S1) 
3.3 km 
Oberwiesenfeld (U3) 
0.1 km 
Oberwiesenfeld (B50, B173, N46) 
0.1 km 
Grocery store 
0.2 km 
Cafés and restaurants 
0.1 km 
Motorway access 
5 minutes 



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Consulting and appointments

Do you wish to receive a detailed exposé? Do you have any questions? Feel free to call us:

Antonia Schmidt, Phone: +49 (0)89 51777070


Last visited objects

20,25 - 25,75 €/sqm
19.241 sqm Total area
19.241 sqm available
divisable from506 sqm
3.3 km 0.1 km
Cavity floor
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