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The best basis for your decision-making

What is the Büro-Scoring tool?

With the Office Scoring tool we check out the most interesting office tenancy offers in detail and compare the rental offers, which are usually very diverse and are individually matched to your interests, with your essential key data. All cost factors are taken into consideration and apportioned such that the property offers can be optimally compared with one another.

The aim is to be in a position to apply the same yardstick. With the help of our rating tools, you can perfectly substantiate your recommendations and decisions.  After checking all the facts and exploiting all possibilities, relocation to a new commercial property is not always the first choice.

At the same time as analysing potential new office spaces, we also prove the opportunities offered by your existing office space. In the meantime, we take a needs-oriented approach and sound out possible variations, always taking your requirements, weightings and goals into account.

We check all options for staying and identify potential development possibilities in your current space and negotiate the best possible conditions on the current office market. Here our working method is just as well established as in checking new office properties. Our aim is to elaborate an independent and sound basis for your decision-making.


Detailed investigation of relevant criteria of the office properties of interest to you

  • Creation of the lease extract with existing obligations, such as deconstruction obligations etc.
  • Space efficiency
  • Nominal and effective rental price
  • Rental contract periods, rental contract extension and growth options
  • Expansion and reduction of space
  • Costs and use of space per workplace
  • Trade tax rate and implications for rental costs
  • Key economic data in the rental contract
  • General and individual technical equipment features
  • Fulfilment of technical requirements
  • Infrastructure features

Your advantages

  • Objective comparison of important criteria and key data
  • Investigation and optimisation of relevant factors
  • Exposure and examination of important aspects, as well as any deficits that may exist
  • Apportionment of the incentives to obtain the same yardstick
  • Perfect comparability
  • Exploration of existing potential
  • Ideal basis for inclusion of standard market conditions and special features and for defining goals and exploiting incentive packages
  • Capitalise on opportunities and advantages for you
  • Evaluation by means of personal ratings, the traffic light rating or weighted rating with points through the decision-makers
  • Export the comparison into an Excel file with a mouse-click
  • Simple creation of a PowerPoint presentation to support you in the best possible way, incl. rating analysis


The Office Scoring tool offers our customers many advantages. It renders the individual and very diverse tenancy offers for the preferred office properties comparable. On this basis we can optimise all costs associated with "rental property" in general and possibly avoid unnecessary expenses for the office tenant. It also forms the ideal basis to define goals, to maintain an overview during rental negotiations and to steer them in the right direction. Moreover, various tried-and-tested rating methods are integrated. If staying put is a serious option, the existing property is incorporated in the scoring system and we would be happy to enter into negotiations with the owner of the existing property. We know the current market incentives, introduce valuable ideas and adopt the position of the mediator. This allows us to explore significantly better opportunities and push them to their limits, to find solutions and convince owners with sound as well as current arguments. In all cases, our Office Scoring tool is a valuable support and decision-making aid for our customers.

Antonia Schmidt, Managing Director

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