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New office spaces at the Heimeranplatz with roof terraces

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Ridlerstraße 37, 80339 München (Schwanthalerhöhe)
Total area 
16.294 sqm, 16.294 sqm available of the total area 
Partitionable starting at 
58 sqm 
Rental price 
22,00 - 32,00 €/sqm 
Service charges 
3,50 €/sqm 
Rent per parking space 
On request 
Free of commission 
SIH 5043
Year of construction 
Quality of property 
First occupancy 
Green Building 
DGNB quality seal in gold 
Calculation of space 
Gross floor space 
Floor partitioning according to tenant's requirements 
Raised floor
Cooling / air cond. system:Heating and cooling plane
Lighting:Suspended / floor lamp
Green Building: DGNB quality seal in gold
Roof terrace / balcony


Unit/Storey BT A BT Terrasse Retail Total
EG1.610 sqm
22,00 €/sqm
1.610 sqm
1. OG2.072 sqm
24,50 €/sqm
369 sqm
12,25 €/sqm
2.441 sqm
2. OG1.905 sqm
25,00 €/sqm
78 sqm
12,50 €/sqm
1.983 sqm
3. OG1.826 sqm
25,50 €/sqm
1.826 sqm
4. OG1.834 sqm
26,00 €/sqm
159 sqm
13,00 €/sqm
1.993 sqm
5. OG1.381 sqm
26,50 €/sqm
829 sqm
13,25 €/sqm
2.210 sqm
6. OG552 sqm
27,00 €/sqm
552 sqm
7. OG552 sqm
27,50 €/sqm
552 sqm
8. OG574 sqm
28,00 €/sqm
58 sqm
14,00 €/sqm
632 sqm
9. OG515 sqm
28,50 €/sqm
515 sqm
10. OG515 sqm
29,00 €/sqm
515 sqm
11. OG528 sqm
30,00 €/sqm
119 sqm
15,00 €/sqm
647 sqm
12. OG409 sqm
31,00 €/sqm
409 sqm
13. OG409 sqm
32,00 €/sqm
409 sqm
Total13.072 sqm1.612 sqm1.610 sqm 16.294 sqm




The twisted, screwed-in height of the HEIMERAN tower creates unique terraces and spectacular views over the city of Munich and over the foothills of the Alps to the Zugspitze.

The representative lobby is separate from retail access. The office space will be flexibly divided into single, double and open-plan solutions according to tenants wishes. They can be divided from 3 floors in the tower or 1 floor in the low-rise building. The cooling takes place via acoustically effective heating / cooling sails. Furthermore, the equipment includes mechanical ventilation, cavity floor, external sun protection and carpeting. The line lights with LEDs in the office area have up to 300 lux. The terrace areas are set in full, but only at half the rental price. Parking spaces can be rented in the underground car park. There is a canteen in the neighboring house.

Energy certificate

Energy certificate requested or in preparation.
Shall be submitted by the owner at appointment.

Access and infrastructure

Heimeranplatz (S7, S20, S27) 
0.2 km 
Heimeranplatz (U4, U5) 
0.2 km 
Heimeranplatz Süd (B62, B63) 
0.1 km 
Grocery store 
0.1 km 
Cafés and restaurants 
0.1 km 
Motorway access 
3 minutes 



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Consulting and appointments

Do you wish to receive a detailed exposé? Do you have any questions? Feel free to call us:

Bernhard von Hannenheim, Phone: +49 (0)89 51777070


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22,00 - 32,00 €/sqm
16.294 sqm Total area
16.294 sqm available
divisable from58 sqm
0.2 km 0.2 km
Cavity floor
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