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Efficient office spaces with roof terraces in the LEED Gold in Munich

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Streitfeldstr. 25, 81673 München (Berg am Laim)
Total area 
26.000 sqm, 5.923 sqm available of the total area 
Partitionable starting at 
422 sqm 
Rental price 
25,00 €/sqm 
Service charges 
3,50 €/sqm 
Rent per parking space 
95,00 € 
Free of commission 
SIH 4736
Year of construction 
Quality of property 
First occupancy 
Green Building 
LEED certificate in gold 
Calculation of space 
Gross floor space 
Floor partitioning according to tenant's requirements 
Raised floor
Cooling / air cond. system:Air conditioning/cooling system optional
Lighting:Suspended / floor lamp
Green Building: LEED certificate in gold
Roof terrace / balcony


Unit/Storey ME 3.1 ME 3.2 ME 4.1 ME 4.2 Total
EG498 sqm
25,00 €/sqm
422 sqm
25,00 €/sqm
482 sqm
25,00 €/sqm
438 sqm
25,00 €/sqm
1.840 sqm
1. OG503 sqm
25,00 €/sqm
504 sqm
25,00 €/sqm
1.007 sqm
2. OG503 sqm
25,00 €/sqm
503 sqm
25,00 €/sqm
1.006 sqm
3. OG629 sqm
25,00 €/sqm
504 sqm
25,00 €/sqm
1.133 sqm
4. OG447 sqm
25,00 €/sqm
490 sqm
25,00 €/sqm
937 sqm
Total2.580 sqm2.423 sqm482 sqm438 sqm 5.923 sqm




The New Eastside Munich Factory Loft is located in Berg am Laim, in the east of Munich. The new building will be based on the architecture of the industrial age and resume the shed roof shapes of the existing building as well as the style elements of New Yorks "cast iron buildings".

Five entrance areas allow the realization of home-in-house concepts. The factory architecture is inspired by the industrial age. Courtyards are being implemented with Urban Gardening, Chill & Grill Rooftop Terraces. The surfaces allow a division into openspace and also cell structure. There are 223 parking spaces in a two-storey underground car park. Furthermore, there are storage areas for rent.

Energy certificate

Energy certificate requested or in preparation.
Shall be submitted by the owner at appointment.

Access and infrastructure

Leuchtenbergring (S2, S4, S6, S8) 
0.6 km 
Josephsburg (U2) 
0.8 km 
Schlüsselbergstraße (T19) 
0.3 km 
Grocery store 
0.4 km 
Cafés and restaurants 
0.2 km 
Motorway access 
5 minutes 



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Consulting and appointments

Do you wish to receive a detailed exposé? Do you have any questions? Feel free to call us:

Antonia Schmidt, Phone: +49 (0)89 51777070


Last visited objects

25,00 €/sqm
26.000 sqm Total area
5.923 sqm available
divisable from422 sqm
0.6 km 0.8 km
Cavity floor
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