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New office building with Sky Gardens at the Campus "neue Balan"

Previous offerNext offer
Balanstr. 71a, 81539 München (Au-Haidhausen)
Total area 
28.000 sqm, 2.746 sqm available of the total area 
Partitionable starting at 
537 sqm 
Rental price 
27,00 - 29,00 €/sqm 
Service charges 
4,90 €/sqm 
Rent per parking space 
120,00 € 
Free of commission 
SIH 4874
Year of construction 
Quality of property 
First occupancy 
Green Building 
To be agreed 
Calculation of space 
Gross floor space 
Floor partitioning according to tenant's requirements 
Raised floor
Cooling / air cond. system: Thermo-active building systems
Roof terrace / balcony


Unit/Storey M1 M3 M4 M5 Total
1. OG547 sqm
27,00 - 29,00 €/sqm
547 sqm
2. OG848 sqm
27,00 - 29,00 €/sqm
814 sqm
27,00 - 29,00 €/sqm
1.662 sqm
3. OG537 sqm
27,00 - 29,00 €/sqm
537 sqm
Total547 sqm848 sqm814 sqm537 sqm 2.746 sqm




The former Siemens production site and later Infineon headquarters became the “neue balan” campus in 2006 with a diverse mix of tenants from start-ups and established companies. Becoming a tenant on campus also means becoming part of a community. Regular events and networking opportunities offer space for exchange and innovation. The Green Center with the legendary 50 meter pool is the heart of the area and invites you to linger. Lunch is provided: The BalanDeli, numerous food trucks and, among other things, a REWE are located on campus. The office properties are designed as differently as the tenants: spectacular new buildings with sky gardens and breathtaking roof terraces, existing buildings with loft and studio character, or even classic units with tailor-made extensions. Another highlight on the area is the fitness studio with spa and an indoor pool.

Architecturally striking for House 27 are the sky gardens on the 1st and 2nd floors, 3rd and 4th floors. OG and 5th + 6th Each upper floor is connected by internal spiral staircases. The individual rental units offer state-of-the-art equipment such as concrete core activation, ceiling sails with heating and cooling functions, mechanical ventilation and cavity flooring. These are rented together. There are parking spaces available outside and in the parking garage.

Energy certificate

Heating / firing:
Long-distance heating/Long-distance heating
Certificate type:
Energy requirement
Heat consumption p.a.:
91 kWh/sqm
Current consumption p.a.:
36 kWh/sqm

Access and infrastructure

St.-Martin-Straße (S3, S7) 
0.5 km 
Karl-Preis-Platz (U2, U7) 
0.6 km 
St.-Martins-Platz (T17) 
1 km 
Grocery store 
0.2 km 
Cafés and restaurants 
0.1 km 
Motorway access 
5 minutes 




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Consulting and appointments

Do you wish to receive a detailed exposé? Do you have any questions? Feel free to call us:

Bernhard von Hannenheim, Phone: +49 (0)89 51777070


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